Burner Control




The electronic boards of BCS30_EC-ST burner control family are designed to manage gas appliances equipped with premix burner and Electronic Combustion System.
They integrate all the features to manage HIGH END wall hung boilers.
If some extra functionalities are required, through a communication bus the functions can be improved using other external boards to manage External User Interfaces, Additional Input / Output, etc…
The BCS30 burner controls platform is a wide range of products that share the same mechanical features and which differ for the implemented functions: in this way it is possible to create different technical products
while maintaining the same aesthetic.

The main feature of this platform is flexibility; it is in fact possible to use different combinations of keys to differentiate the aesthetics of the product. A version called “PLUS” is also available and, through an innovative system designed by Nordgas it is possibile to mount a larger LCD with freedom of key positioning.

BCS30 Burner Control for standard Efficiency – Pneumatic Condensing Boiler – 230Vac Diverted Valve *
BCS30-ST Burner Control for standard Efficiency – Pneumatic Condensing Boiler – Unipolar Stepper Motor Diverted Valve *
BCS30_EC Burner Control for Electronic Combustion Condensing Boiler – 230Vac Diverted Valve *
BCS30_EC-ST Burner Control for Electronic Combustion Condensing Boiler – Unipolar Stepper Motor Diverted Valve

* Details reported in the corresponding detailed documentation

General Features

  • Ignition & Safety control for premix gas burners equipped with Electronic Combustion System
  • Heating comfort functions
  • Domestic hot water comfort management
  • Communication bus to interface with external accessories
  • Unipolar stepper motor diverted valve management
  • Integrated User Interface with white backlighted LCD display
    and 7 push buttons
  • 2nd room thermostat input a vailable
  • Auxiliary relay available
  • Safety sensors management
  • Modbus communication bus a vailable
  • Lin communication bus available
  • North American and Chinese Approval available on request


The BCS30_EC-ST family PCBs can be interfaced with the following accessories:

  • Mixer: MIX10 series devices
  • External User Interfaces: UI10, UI20, UI30, UI40 & UI100 platform devices
  • Zone managing system Flex
  • External I/O expander: REL10 platform devices
  • Remote control: ROAB platform devices
  • Outside temperature sensors: EXT10 series devices
  • Contact temperature probes: TEM10 series devices
  • Safety contact t emperature probes: STEM10 series devices
  • Immersion temperature probes: IMM10 series devices
  • Rubber push buttons and keypad
  • Wirings according to customer specification

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