A new smt line

Putting the customer at the center is crucial, for Nordgas, in order to grow and thus offer consistently high-quality products and services. And to put the customer at the center, it is important to constantly improve every aspect of the company, starting with production.

In this regard, this year we decided to implement a third SMT line with state-of-the-art machinery.

The new line is fully automated: the boards are loaded by the operator and the machine follows the whole line until unloading. This process helps us further increase the production speed and efficiency that we guarantee to our customers every day. In fact, thanks to the decrease in the buffer, a continuous cycle is created without excessive handling that generally makes work difficult and of low quality.

The two Pick & Place machines for component assembly have different features, to satisfy the needs of all customers: the first is composed of 2 HM heads, faster in execution but with dimensional limitations for some types of components, and the second which, on the contrary, has one HM and one FM head, capable of mounting larger components in height.

Other goodies are the 10-position tray exchanger and the removable and interchangeable tables. Setting up the tables is done off-line, so as to optimize time and be even quicker in scheduling and starting subsequent machining. Optimizing time, however, does not mean losing quality: in fact, our reels have a unique serial number, which allows us to trace its entire history. This serial number is then read by the machine, which then applies a QR code on the board to identify the traceability of each individual component.

As an additional guarantee, we offer two types of quality control with this line: the first SPI, which guarantees 100 percent control over the solder cream (area, height, and consequently volume), and the second AOI (automatic optical inspection), which renders the board in 3D for more efficient error and component control.