PCB Design & Contract Manufacturing

Standard and customized products for any market

Nordgas has its roots in the heating market but, in order to be stronger and more competitive, during 2013 we bought an electronic assembly company. Along with the factory we gained also its customers portfolio. This let us to create a second business unit complementary but also independent from our main business.

At the beginning of 2018 the assembly lines of this factory have been integrated in the Nordgas Head Quarter location in CostaMasnaga. In this way today the two-business unit HVAC and PCB Design & Contract Manufacturing work together in our factory and let us to compensate reciprocally the different market trends.

One of the strength factor that let us to be different than other companies working in the world of the electronic assemblies is the high quality level required by the safety related products we normally produce for the HVAC market (i.e safety burner controllers managing gas valve activation). This quality level is actually extended also to all the other products and applications which normally do not require such kind of standards.  Therefore we can guarantee a very accurate and meticulous attention for each single detail with a quality target level which is one of the highest on the market.

Since 2016 we have opened a production unit owned at 100% in one low cost country (Romania) where, in agreement with the customer we can make some activities requiring a strong manual impact.

By the way all the products at the end are tested in our Headquarter location in Italy in order to always guarantee very high quality standards level with very aggressive costs.

One of our strength factors is the cooperation between our engineers, particularly the Early Manufacturing Involvement (EMI) activity, which is the result of the cooperation between the R&D and engineering departments. This is one of the keys that let us optimize the production process and keep costs under control.

Besides this a great focus has been addressed to automation of the production process extended to all the possible levels to improve it on a continuous basis. Very strong investment has been operated in the testing area of electronic boards. Particularly powerful and sophisticated appliances for the automatic visual inspection test (AOI) have been introduced during the last years; many fully automated electronic boards testers lines performing the combined In Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Test (FCT) have been installed. The final target of all this efforts and investments is to improve product quality, time to market and reduce general overhead and handling of human operators.

Through all these new technologies applied to the production process we have been able to improve significantly the quality level of all our products. Product quality is also guaranteed and controlled by means of an automatic traceability system based on QR code labels applied on each product starting from the first phase of the assembling process. Through this system we can track all the history of a single products regarding each assembly step, each test step detail and even the production batch of each single component mounted on the product itself.

Our R&D department by the way is always available to develop projects according to our customer requirements. Our knowledge, competence and experience let us to support applications in many different context civilians, industrials, medicals… from the simplest product up to most complex systems.

Do you have a project in mind? We are your most accredited partner to realize it

Services we can offer are:

  • HW design
  • FW design
  • Mechanical design
  • PCB design
  • Pre-compliance validation test
  • Engineering
  • Part procurement
  • Automatic assembling (SMT – PTH)
  • Manual assembling
  • Electro-mechanical assembling
  • Automatic tests
  • Product traceability
  • Selective PCB painting
  • Cabling
  • Plastic box housings