The electronic system NVSYS-EC is the new electronic combustion control system designed by Nordgas to manage your boiler.
On the market there are several different electronic combustion control systems but all of them force the customer to buy a specific close system made at least by a specific electronic PCB, gas valve and mixer.
Nordgas has a complete different approach: we cancel all of these restrictions and return to the boiler manufacturers the freedom to define which kind of components / brands they want to use.
With this approach our clients are free to decide which solution they prefer:

  • The whole NVSYS kit (BC20_EC or BC30_EC burner control PCB,
    Nordgas NV05 gas valve, MIX10 mixer and NHE heat exchanger) with
    the following advantages:
    – Short time to market
    – High performances guaranteed
    – Cost effect
  • Our burner controls PCB (BC20_EC or BC30_EC burner controls
    PCBs ) and the combination of any other Stepper gas valves, Mixer,
    PWM fans and Condensing heat exchangers available on the market
    with the following advantages
    – Components multiply suppliers
    – Flexibility
    – Interchangeability

In both cases Nordgas is completely available to work side by side to our
clients to identify the best system configuration solution based on their
needs in order to get the better cost effective system performances.
Different solution, different approach!

General Features

  • 230Vac/Vrac safety coil/ 24V Stepper motor modulator gas valve
  • 24VDc safety coil/ 24V Stepper motor modulator gas valve
  • Wide range of standard condensing boiler fan models supported
  • Mono/Double electrode configuration
  • Up to 1:20 Modulation range (depending on components kit characteristics)
  • More than 50Kw power range
  • OEM kit components customization