The gas valves of the NV05 series are designed to equip gas boilers with atmospheric burner or premixed burner equipped with an electronic combustion system.
The valve is mechanically interchangeable with most of the gas valves recently introduced on the Market. At the electrical level, different versions are available with different supply voltages for the safety coil.
Using a stepper motor allows the most accurate adjustment possible: for the same opening steps, the quantity of gas supplied to the burner remains always the same regardless of the movement. This feature makes the valve particularly suitable for use in electronic combustion systems. The valve also integrates an adjustable pressure regulator that allows the device to limit any system pressure peaks to the full advantage of regulation stability, also this fundamental feature for an optimal combustion system.
The NV05 gas valves platform are a wide range of products that share the same mechanical features and which differ for the safety coil voltage: in this way it is possible to create different technical products while maintaining the same aesthetic.


The NV05 family gas valves can be interfaced with the following products:

  • BCS30
  • BCS30-ST
  • BCS30_EC
  • BCS30_EC-ST
  • MIX10

General Features

  • Housing: Aluminum body
  • Nominal diameter: G3/4 DN20 (ISO 228) & G 1/2 (DN15)
  • Mounting position: any position except coil uspide-down
  • Gas family: 2nd & 3rd
  • Inlet filter
  • Working temperature range: -15 to 70°C
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 50 mbar
  • Inlet & Outlet pressure test points: Ø 9mm
  • Two automatic shut-off gas valves
  • Automatic shut-off valve connector: male connector Molex Minifit 3 pin
  • Stepper motor connector: male connector suitable for connector Stocko-Grid MH790-001-001
  • Shut off valves: EV1 Class C, EV2 Class B (EN126)
  • Pressure regulator: Class C (EN126)
  • Automatic shut-off valves: 24 VDC, 230 VRAC
  • Stepper motor: Unipolar 24 VDC
  • Degree of protection: IP40 in combination with suitable connectors for safety & stepper motor modules

NORDGAS has a long experience in the production of gas valves. In 2002 it was the first Company in the world to introduce a completely low voltage gas valve equipped with a stepper motor onto the boiler market.

The valves of the NV05 platform represent the natural evolution of this project. It is a new gas valve platform completely designed by Nordgas thanks to all the experience and know-how gained in over 15 years of gas valve production. Nordgas wanted to give this project a “global” breath by paying attention to the two main markets for this type of product: Europe and China. In fact, a collaboration agreement has been signed with Erco, the largest gas valve manufacturer for the Chinese Market, with over 33% market share on the local market and over 2 million pieces of standard gas valves produced every year.

  • Erco will produce the gas valve according to all the Nordgas requirements for the Chinese market with Erco brand.
  • Nordgas will produce the gas valve in its factories with Nordgas brand for all the other markets

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