The condensing heat exchangers of the platform NHE are design to be used in is condensing boilers equipped with pneumatic or electronic combustion control systems.
They are produced in Italy by M.G.M. an Italian company specialized in heat exchangers and Nordgas is its co-marketing.
The NHE heat exchanger platform is a wide range of products with different powers. Each one can be supplied with different stainless steel coil material:

  • NHE25 – 304 25kW power 304 L Austenitic coil
  • NHE30 – 304 30kW power 304 L Austenitic coil
  • NHE35 – 304 35kW power 304 L Austenitic coil
  • NHE25 – 316 25kW power 316 TI Austenitic coil
  • NHE30 – 316 30kW power 316 TI Austenitic coil
  • NHE35 – 316 35kW power 316 TI Austenitic coil
  • NHE25 – 441 25kW power 441 Ferritic coil
  • NHE30 – 441 30kW power 441 Ferritic coil
  • NHE35 – 441 35kW power 441 Ferritic coil

General Features

  • External body: aluminum
  • The internal coil has a specific “pear shape” that reduces the deposit of dirt.
  • The internal coil can be provided with three different types of stainless steel:
    – AISI 304 L Austenitic
    – AISI 316 TI Austenitic
    – AISI 441 Ferritic
  • Very good thermic thermal heat flow (compared with “ring” and better than “oval” shapes).
  • Very good total efficiency (compared with “ring” and better than
    “oval” shapes)
  • Inspectable condensate drain
  • Frontal door is optional and can be supplied with different options
    – Single electrode without inspection window
    – Single electrode with inspection window
    – Double electrode without inspection window
    – Double electrode with inspection window
  • Flue temperature sensor optional