The electronic system iMODULE v4 is the new system designed to manage your home comfort. The basic system is composed by an hardware (gateway) and a specific App (iOs & Android). It enables you to manage your climate control and hot water systems with a swipe of your finger, directly from your phone or tablet, without having to install a
programmable thermostat.
iMODULE v4 integrates several sensors to detect the room temperature, humidity, CO2 and VoC. The room temperature can also be displayed using an optional controller connected to it. It can also communicate using the RF technology with external devices like temperature sensors or zone managing PCB.
Using a temperature probe for each room and the specific zone management kit you can set and control the level of each room of your home. The system can be completed with all the specific App for service and maintenance staff, to remote monitoring and control. In addition all the installed devices can be monitoring by the boiler manufacturer who can access to a specific internet portal to collect the data and analyze them for diagnostic purposes. Using iMODULE v4 you can manage your comfort using Amazon Alexa or Google Home technology: forget the boiler manual and manage it through voice commands!

General Features

  • External USB power supply
  • RF868 MHz communication technology
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz Communication
  • Opentherm communication bus towards main pcb and remote control (if requested)
  • Data Server provided by Nordgas
  • Complete installed boiler management system (User App, Service App, Log database access)
  • Several levels of data system access
  • Data safety guaranteed by TLS technology
  • Alexa and Google Home full compatible


The iMODULE v4 can be interfaced with the following accessories:

  • RF Room temperature sensor
  • Zone management system
  • Remote control ROAB platform devices