Burner Control




The electronic boards of MIAP burner control’s family are designed to manage gas appliances equipped with pneumatic premix burners and condensing heat exchangers.
They are designed to manage just the safety of the HIGH POWER boilers from 50kW to 1MW.
All the not safety features (Power Supply, External User Interface, Input / Output….) are managed by specific external PCBs connected to the MIAP through a communication bus.
The MIAP burner controls platform is a wide range of products that share the same mechanical features and which differ for the implemented functions: in this way it is possible to create different technical products while maintaining the same aesthetic.

General Features

  • Ignition & Safety control for pneumatic premixed Gas burners (Single or multiple-boiler systems – up to 8 burners)
  • Pilot flame management
  • Central Heating pump management
  • Configurable Sensors available (NTC & PT1000, 0…10V)
  • Communication bus to interface with external accessories (Local eBUS, RS485, ModBUS)
  • Several types of External User Interface can be managed (Icons, dot matrix, TFT…)
  • Fit to be enclosed in a 9-units DIN rail box
  • Alarm signals
  • Output for modulating pump controls (0…10V)
  • Heating plant direct or mixed water system
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) storage tank control with or without thermal solar panel control integration
  • Integrated renewable heating-source system
  • Expandable, up to 4 controllers can be inter-connected in order to increase multiple-source systems
  • North American Approval available
  • Chinese Approval available on request

Other burner controls products