Gas Valves




The gas valves type EBR2012 have been developed for use in gas-fired domestic central heating boilers and water heating appliances equipped with a pneumatic premix burner. The controls are also suited for use on a wide variety of gas-fired appliances. They are produced by ERCO, the most  mportant Chinese gas valve manufacturer. Nordgas is the representative of these products.
The valve is mechanically interchangeable with the main gas valves on the market. At the electrical level, different versions are available with different supply voltages for the safety coil.
The valve also integrates an adjustable pressure regulator that allows the device to limit any system pressure peaks for the benefit of regulation stability.
The EBR2012 gas valves platform are a wide range of products that share the same mechanical features and which differ for the safety coil voltage: in this way it is possible to create different technical products while maintaining the same mechanical connections.

General Features

  • Compact design suitable for installation in small modern boilers and heaters
  • Specially designed for gas appliance with DBI system to light the main burner
  • Servo pressure regulator ensures stable outlet pressure
  • Gas / Air Ratio 1:1
  • 2 shutoff valves
  • Inlet/outlet pressure test points
  • All adjustments are accessible from the top of valve
  • A fine-mesh screen is integrated at the inlet side
  • Setting parallel shift
  • Housing: Aluminum body
  • Nominal diameter: G 1/2 (DN15) & G3/4 DN20 (ISO 228)
  • Mounting position vertical or horizontal±5°
  • Gas family: 2nd & 3rd
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 60 mbar
  • Operating voltage tolerance: between 85% and 110% of the rated voltage
  • Automatic shut-off valves: 24 VDC, 120VAC & 230VAC
  • Degree of protection: IP44 (with optional connector)
  • Outlet pressure range: 0,15…38mbar
  • Pressure regulator: Class B (EN88)
  • 1st safety shutoff valve: Class B (EN126)
  • 2nd safety shutoff valve: Class D, class J or C (EN126)
  • IMQ Approved according to: EN126:2012 – EN13611:2007 + A2:2011


The EBR2012 family PCBs can be interfaced with the following burner control platforms:

  • BCN20 (BCN20)
  • BCN30 ( BCN30 ‐ BCN30/ST)

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