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  • Standard Gas Burner Control

    The microcontroller devices of the IMAB family have been designed to control gas-driven appliances with atmospheric or premix burners, with or without combustion fan, for use in not permanently operating systems.
    Most common use of these devices is in:
    • Wall-hung / basement boilers
    • Gas-driven radiators
    • Hot air generators
    • Radiant tubes
    • Gas-driven hot water boilers
    Thanks to their technical features and the wide range of parameters that can be configured they can also be used to control:
    • Ovens
    • Stoves
    • Cookers etc. …


    • In compliance with standard EN298 / 2003 (European standard for automatic flame programming and checking in gas-driven burners).
    • CE certificate in compliance with European Gas Directive 90/396/CEE and amendment 93/68/CEE.
    • Microcontroller technology which guarantees timing precision for the complete operating temperature range.
    • Flame detection based on the flame’s rectifying effect (ionization principle).
    • Highly efficient solid state ignition device built in (only in prearranged models).
    • Multi-ignition-attempts.
    • Auxiliary contact (only in prearranged models) to control main valve in systems with intermittent pilot.