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  • Contact probe

    The probes of the TPAC family have been designed to be used in appliances in which the system response time is of considerable importance.
    Main feature of the probes of the TPAC family is their response time which is markedly shorter than that of dipping or contact probes today available on the market.
    This probe family has been designed using the FastRead* system which Nordgas has developed and patented and which offers high performance, enduring reliability and low costs.
    The probes of the TPAC family can be mounted to replace contact probes already available on the market: infact it is possible to clip them on pipes of different sizes; there are several models available with the major sensors and the most common connector types and thus allow fast and easy exchange.
    Like all contact probes they offer the advantage of not being subject to corrosion and of being replaceable without any need to empty the system.

    • Available with sensor: 10 KΏ β3435/10 KΏ β3977
    • Response time: < 0,8 sec
    • Operating range: –10 ÷ +125 °C
    • Isolation voltage: 1500 V DC
    • Available for pipes Ø: 12,14,16,18 mm
    • Easy clip on system which guarantees best adhering of the sensor to the pipe and prevents displacement and rotating.