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  • Remote control OpenTherm®

    This remote control has been designed to control the temperature in any kind of environment.
    It can be connected to any kind of boiler if equipped with OpenTherm comms protocol.
    Using this protocol the remote control device can control all boiler functions: it can be used to select the operating mode (OFF- SUMMER- WINTER) rather than to set the DHW / heating temperature set point or to display the ID code in case of fault conditions, its rearming etc…
    The product is equipped with an Easy Use system which we developed considering that the market demand is for easy-to-use objects. By simply pushing the select button on the outside, you can select manual operating mode and then set the temperature you want just rotating the button.

    • Connection to the boiler through OpenTherm comms protocol with the use of only two non-polarized conductors.
    • LCD Display to display information.
    • Easy Use system which makes it simple for the user to handle the appliance.
    • Selection of all settings normally made on the boiler panel.
    • In case of fault condition, the fault is displayed and rearmed.
    • Operation in chronothermostat mode by setting two temperature levels (REDUCED / COMFORT).
    • Pre-setting of weekly program which can be changed by the user.
    • Room anti-freeze protection always on.