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  • Nordgas Flex – User satellite controller (for Heating and Domestic hot water “home management”)

    The electronic controller of the “Nordgas FLEX” family have been designed to a double application:
    Management and control of zoning system (up to 3 zone) in a heating plant.
    • Communication with boiler management board
    • Upgreade ability connecting with more controllers on cascade (with Open Therm bus)
    • Management and control of heating plant and domestic hot water without combustion
    • Single distribution plant leading (Heating + DHW)

    Up to 3 heating plant management (upgrade ability connecting with more controller)
    Each zone could be managed by remote controller or by a room thermostat
    Setting zone high or low temperature
    MMI with LCD DISPLAY + buttons / Display and management alarms
    Outside temperature sensor forweather depending control (low temperature zone)
    Safety functions for plant (pump, valve, frost protection, limit thermostat)
    ECO functions / Comfort functions (solar integration, underfloor warming)
    Input H2O switch / protection up to IP54
    HD contact for heat demand to boiler (Multizone)
    Configuration pump mode, intermittent run – permanent run (Multizone)
    DHW management by priority input (Module)
    Diverting valve management (Module)
    DHW set point (Module)
    cascade boiler (release 00/10. – Nordgas srl reserves the right to introduce changes without any prior notice)