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  • iModule

    NORDGAS iModule
    it is a completely new product/system for Home comfort management, even in remote way (from everywhere in the world).
    Using the most popular communication platform worldwide (Apple iOS and Android Samsung); imodule makes you able to remove at all the Room remote control or the Room time controller and manage all your home comfort (heating and Domestic hot water) by your finger-touch on the Smart-phone or tablet.

    iModule could be used instead of a Room time controller (chrono-thermostat) or instead of an Open-therm® Remote control. It manages the Gas boiler or heating zone pump by web-communication between iModule device and smart-phone (or tablet) with iModule APP downloaded (on the phone/tablet).

    iModule allows to manage the room temperature setpoints for night and for the day (Comfort phase in orange and night reduction in light blue) and the time programmer for these two heating mode’s. If the DHW preparation is instantaneous, iModule can manage the DHW T° set point.
    If there is a DHW storage tank, iModule decides the water temperature set point and timing for DHW comfort.

    Displaying on LCD (Smart-phone, Tablet or PC), iModule shows the current situation:
    • Time watch and date
    • Room temperature (actual) and weather situation (of place where is located the plant/home)
    • Room T° set point, DHW set point, weekly and daily time programming of heating and DHW (1/2 hour time-frame)
    • Burner state (switched-on with flame and exhausts from flue)

    iModule SYSTEM
    iModule system is composed by:
    • iModule FREE APP installed on telephone/Tablet
    • iModule Device installed at home (close to the boiler)
    • iModule Local controller (Room controller with sensor, it replaces old room thermostat)

    iModule device (receiver/transmitter) could be connected with the boiler (PCB) to the Open-therm® contatcts otherwise if there is not Open-therm® it could be conneected to the “RT” contacts (for the roome thermostat)

    Download the iModule FREE APP