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  • Customized electronic board

    Nordgas develops and makes all manufacturing process (and testing) for new PCBs; Safety controls and boiler (or machine) management committed by a customer that will have in exclusive buying.
    Electronic boards could have several characteristics and functions,

    • Electronic boards for safety and driving combustion devices
    • Integrated safety boards according to standard EN298/2003
    • Modulation boards for atmospheric and premix burners
    • Boards to control air conditioning systems
    • One sole board for several operating boilers configurations (bithermal, monothermal, water heater , heating only…)
    • Led, digit or LCD user interfaces
    • Piloting of traditional valves with electric modulators
    • Fan piloting wave-cut or brushless
    • Weather depending control with outside temperature probe and Kd
    • Functions: sweep, anti-freeze, anti-legionella, post-ventilation, post-circulation, pump anti-lock …
    • Boiler diagnostics
    • Parameter programming
    • Ignition power regulation, heating minimum and maximum …
    • Interface for zone control board
    • Interface for remote connection
    • Data logging function
    • “ISP” function to reprogramme microcontroller
    Electronic boards to equip mass-products (automatic toys, household goods, fans, garden irrigators)