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  • Nordgas well done – PROFESSIONAL COOKING

    Nordgas has developed this controllers family, thinking to the management and automation of the cooking devices
    • Fryers
    • Pasta cookers
    • Salamanders
    • Holding cabinets
    • Multigrill
    The controllers,customized as design and functions,controls time and/or temperatures and leads actuators, electric resistance as well as alarm and buzzers.

    • With or without housing (box) different dimensions
    • Protection up to IP54
    • Operating temperature 0°….70°C
    • Supply voltage 230Vac 50Hz / 110Vac 60Hz o on demand
    • MMI buttons / trimmer, Led / 7-segments / LCD (backlight)
    • Connections by means of screw connectors (removables)
    • Temperature sensors NTC / PT
    • Temperature setting range 50°…250°C
    • Actuators managing 230/24V – on/off o 3pt. – 0…10Vdc
    • Electric resistance managing