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    NORDGAS is a young company, reactive and flexible. In our R&D department, we develop and design electronic boards and components for specific and standard applications. The manufacturing of these projects is managed and made in the most innovative and technologic way, by our Electronic Factory located to Morbegno Valtellina.

    Nordgas was born in 2000, It was founded by a management coming from twenty years experience in electronic field and combustions. The know how and spirit of innovation was completed by a large staff composed by professionals and specialist in each part of the company structure.

    Company has grown up, getting strong in boilers field with important Italian and European alliances. Supplying electronic devices (Class C safety firmware), and components as sensors and wirings kit.

    In these last years, offering to the OEM’s customer its experience and expertise (mechanical and electrical too) in several appliances, Nordgas has become a big and reliable partner for new and specific markets / fields. Even for manufacturing, with Electronic assembling by our technologic and innovative Production plant, Nordgas meets customer’s expectations.

    Photogallery Costa Masnaga headquarter

    Photogallery Morbegno Electronic manufacturing plant